The Project



The overarching goal of TOCHA is to nurture a paradigm shift by developing a new generation of topological devices based on novel materials and technologies that can provide a unique leap forward towards a deeper level of basic understanding of topological systems. The resulting advancement of manipulation of their topological states will enhance the handling and transport of (quantum) information and metrology. To this end, the TOCHA project proposes a radically new technology taking advantage of the unique properties of emerging materials, such as topological insulators and two-dimensional materials, novel heterostructures based on photonic/photonic crystals, as well as hybrid devices combining those systems.

Objectives include:

i) To develop low-loss waveguides based on photonic crystals hosting topological edge states with arbitrary shape.

ii) To advance the use of topological-insulator materials and devices to higher operating temperatures and currents

iii) To develop quantum resistance standards based on the QAHE.

iv) To gain a radically new fundamental knowledge of the interactions and correlations between photons, phonons and electrons in hybrid topological systems.